District Technology Plan » Goals / Action Steps

Goals / Action Steps

Classroom Instruction

Goal: Develop students’ technology skills in order to support and build their digital literacy.

Action Steps

  1. Provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their ability to communicate, collaborate, create and think critically through the use of technology.
  2. Support student awareness and understanding of how technology affects their academic experience.
  3. Provide students opportunities to experience learning using a variety of technology resources.
  4. Participate in digital citizenship lessons throughout each school year that are age/grade appropriate focusing on Digital Literacy, Internet Safety, Creative Credit and Digital Footprint.

Professional Learning

Goal: Develop teachers’ knowledge and skills in order to effectively integrate technology into their instruction.

Action Steps

  1. Provide multiple, differentiated, and targeted opportunities for professional development to support best practices.
  2. Support job-embedded professional learning through the integration of technology in the classroom.
  3. Provide staff with a menu of technological options to support student learning.
  4. Support the consistent implementation and usage of a Learning Management System (LMS) at all grade levels to maximize learning and reduce printing cost.
  5. Provide training to all staff members on digital citizenship and implement grade level lesson to all students in K-12th grade.


Goal: Provide and maintain infrastructure, technology, and data systems to support all staff and students.

Action Steps

  1. Maintain a suitable, secure, robust, and reliable infrastructure that enables a consistent experience for all users.
  2. Continue to research, evaluate, and implement appropriate educational technologies for effective teaching and learning.
  3. Improve interoperability of data sources and systems throughout the district to enable maximum proficiency.
  4. Update and maintain district-wide device purchasing projection.