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Digital Curriculum

In Mentor Public Schools, we have digital resources available to support our curriculum. Through a balanced approach, we can combine traditional teaching practices with instructional technology to maximize student outcomes. The digital resources available should align to the goals of the learning objectives in the classroom. The end goal is to utilize the proper tool to enhance the curriculum and meet the instructional needs of the students. We use Learning Management Systems (LMS) at each grade level to support the organization of educational resources used by teachers for the students.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

K-3 - Seesaw

4-12 - Schoology

Digital Curriculum Resources

Programs: Clever

K-5: iReady (Reading and Math), Lexia, Newsela, NearPod, Brainpop, Playposit, Renaissance Learning, Gizmos, MyOn, Quaver, Mystery Science, Classkick, OverDrive, Keyphonics

6-8: Achieve, ALEKS, Playposit, APEX, Nearpod, MyMathLab, Dreambox, Gizmos, Classkick, OverDrive, Renaissance Learning

9-12: Newsela, MyMathLab, Nearpod, Playposit, Naviance, Pearson Connexus, Classkick, Eduflow, Transeo, OverDrive, Renaissance Learning

Being a member of the Ohio Blended Collaborative (OBC) will help teachers teach in a blended environment by improving internal teacher capacity for blended learning, identifying a common method and practice to design digital content, and pinpointing a process to evaluate content. The collaborative partnered with ConnectingEd to facilitate common professional development and monitor educator progress on course development. Currently, Schoology resources for core courses in grades 4-12 have been created. All of these courses go through three phases: Creation, Revision and Fostering. Many of the courses in 4-12 are still in the revision or fostering stage. All teachers in the Mentor Schools have access to these courses through the Mentor Teachers Group in Schoology (Schoology / Group / Mentor Teachers / OBC Courses).