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Responsible Technology Use


Digital Citizenship

Mentor Schools is committed to helping our students, teachers, and staff members use technology responsibly.

As a part of this commitment and in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) that requires all school districts to educate minors on appropriate online behavior we will be adopting the full K-12 Common Sense Media Curriculum for all students. Teachers access the lessons and students will complete the lessons throughout the year. The curriculum covers topics on appropriate online behavior, interacting with others on the web, keeping personal information safe and cyberbullying awareness/response. At the elementary level, classroom teachers, STEM teachers, and instructional coaches will work together to implement the curriculum. At the secondary level, department chairs will work with teachers to implement the curriculum.

All Mentor Schools staff members have participated in a one-hour Digital Citizenship training using Common Sense Sign Up/Training. The District will make information available to parents via our District website and monthly Digital Citizenship email updates. The digital citizenship curriculum will also include material for students about cyberbullying.

Mentor Schools is committed to providing a safe and secure technology learning environment for our students with the use of firewalls and web filters. Securly is a tool to help keep kids safe wherever they are connected with district devices.

*Enhanced Filtering & Visibility- With web filtering, cyberbullying monitoring, and self-harm alerts, Securly provides districts the eyes and the ears they need to maintain safety at all times, across different schools, and different devices. Technology evolves rapidly, so schools need solutions that meet the dangers kids face today, right now.

*AI + Human Common Sense- The world is nowhere near knowing the full potential of technology, but Securly also recognizes its limitations. Through risk analysis of automated alerts, AI and real people work together to keep students safe online, in class, and at school.

*Shared Responsibility- Keeping students safe at school, in the classroom, and at home isn't one person's job. It's a partnership between schools and parents to protect kids in a digital world. As the internet's complexity evolves, so should the necessary solutions.