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District Technology Plan

This technology plan is the best representation of the district’s vision, goals, and objectives for the use of instructional technology, as well as the implications of its effective integration. It is a fluid document and will always be under revision and adjustment. It is meant to be specific enough to act as a guide in decision-making and budgeting while simultaneously remaining flexible. This ongoing, continually updated plan, with its associated timelines and priorities, guides for our district to make the best decisions related to technology.

The recommendations in this technology plan are intended to provide direction for all employees and stakeholders of the district in planning technology initiatives. Building on the existing infrastructure and instructional beliefs, the plan outlines steps needed to achieve the next level of development.  The plan will also address equitable access to technology for all of our students. 

Through these supports, and with the current plan, the district continues to deepen staff, students, and administrators' understandings of the uses of technology to support learning. This technology plan outlines overarching goals for the continued integration of technology in the district, all to improve student achievement and academic growth through effective technology integration.