District Technology Plan » Technology Committee (2023-2024)

Technology Committee (2023-2024)


The mission of the Technology Steering Committee of the Mentor Public School District is to create and support the implementation of the district technology plan. The Technology Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from administration, the technology department, and teachers. The committee meets monthly to review and evaluate the district’s technology needs. The committee is charged with the following:

  • Explore and recommend technology for staff and students that will best support student learning.
  • Evaluate and review feedback regarding technology from staff, students, and parents to make technology decisions.
  • Communicate technology procedures and changes to staff and parents.
  • Identify professional development needs for staff.
  • Support professional development sessions for staff.
  • Continually review and update the district technology plan.

Members of the Technology Steering Committee

  • Barb Bonnes, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Adam Dugas, Elementary Building Principal
  • Tommy Dwyer, MS Building Principal
  • Doug Estes, SQL Network Technician
  • Holly Foessett, Middle School Teacher
  • Brook Curry, Elementary Teacher
  • Tim Hamman, Assistant Superintendent
  • Larry Luciano, Curriculum Specialist
  • Mike Lynch, Director of Instructional Technology
  • Mandi Morgan, Elementary Teacher
  • Bethany Parker, Instructional Coach
  • Melanie Pearn, Elementary Building Principal
  • Jodi Poremba, Elementary Building Principal
  • Amy Roediger, HS Teacher/Instructional Coach
  • Lynnae Whitehead, Middle School Teacher
  • John Fullerman, HS Unit Principal
  • Patti Talarczyk, HS Math Teacher
  • Julius Vegh, IT Database Manager
  • Jeremy Woodworth, Supervisor of IT