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Before going over some frequently asked questions about MacBooks, we will ask you the question we ask most - Have you RESTARTED? Restarting your MacBook at least a couple times a week will take care of many of the issues you may be experiencing. A restart is more than just closing the MacBook.  Make sure you shutdown or restart the MacBook completely.   
  • What should I do if my MacBook is running slow or even locked up?  
    • Restarting you MacBook will often help with this issue.  If it is locked up, performing a hard restart (holding the power down for 10 seconds will allow the MacBook to restart and will often correct any issue.
  • What should I do if I spill something on my MacBook?
    • Immediately turn off the MacBook and contact IT so that you can find the quickest time to bring the MacBook in.  Do NOT attempt to turn the MacBook back on, doing so will damage much more. Our IT department will take apart the MacBook to dry out and clean up any corrosion.