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Measurement of Success

How do we know that what we’re doing is working?

We use three main tools to evaluate the success of our technology integration:

  1. Brightbytes survey data
  2. Analytics from Clever
  3. Our Data Dashboard/Infinite Campus

Using the data and information acquired from these three sources, our District will carefully consider and update our evaluation methods.


Our district has administered the Brightbytes survey since 2014. This survey has allowed us to track progress and identify areas of need during this time. Staff, students and parents are all surveyed once a year in the Spring. Below are some historical looks at our overall Brightbytes data.

Clever Programs Clever analytics

Clever is a solution for schools to use to manage logins for hundreds of applications that impact learning. By using Clever, signing in to a tool is simplified to focus the learning effort on learning. Accompanying district use of Clever are robust analytics that help us better understand key metrics and unique usages of our many technology tools.

Clever also simplifies analytics at the District level. With the click of a few buttons, we can see how many teachers and students are using a particular tool. Data can be filtered by type and grade of user over a particular time range. By carefully considering the analytics, decisions can be made regarding which technology tools we continue to support and use.

Data Analytics Dashboard/ Brightbytes

In 2021 a connection with our Student Information System (SIS) with Brightbytes began.  Along with Infinite Campus (IC), Brightbytes also brings in information from iReady and Renaissance Learning.  Using historical information from IC, Brightbytes run risk predictions for students towards graduation along with post-secondary readiness.  This data  analytics dashboard with be shared with all staff during the 2021-2022 school year.